Kat Sloma – I did my first photography e-course with Kat. Sadly she has moved on from running e-courses in order to focus on other developing interests. There are great free resources on her site and she has now published a successful iPhone photography book.

Kim Klassen – Kim is a primarily a still life photographer who also has plenty of tips and freebies on using Lightroom and Photoshop. She teaches awesome classes.

Vivienne McMaster – Vivienne is all about cultivating self-love through self-portraiture. She runs online courses in self-portraiture and has also written some e-books.

Kim Manley Ort – Kim promotes contemplative living through photography, her online courses are very inspiring, some of my favourites

Susan Tuttle – Susan is a veteran of many successful e-courses on a variety of topics. She is a seasoned Iphoneographer and author

Xanthe Berkley – Xanthe is a London based photographer who runs online courses about making films. I had great fun taking her course and making the films you can find on my vimeo account – I really need to get started on this again.

Susannah Conway – Susannah is a London based photographer and much much more. Check in with her website to discover her diversity of interests. As well as running online courses that focus on personal development and journalling she has recently published a photographic record of London

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