Flora Bowley  – Flora was one of the tutors on the first ‘Call of the Wild Soul’ retreat. She shares her passion for ‘Brave Intuitive painting via her e-course and Studio Diaries. I loved taking the Bloom True course.

Kelly Rae Roberts – there are a host of resources On Kelly Rae’s site and I strongly recommend you explore them. I have done all her e-courses and gained lots from them. She also has lots of info about useful resources. Don’t miss the ‘favourite things’ page it can be hard to spot.

Tracy Verdugo – I loved Tracy’s lesson when I was doing LifeBook in 2012 so i was thrilled when she brought her ‘Paint Mojo’ workshop to the UK. It was fab! you can also take it as an e-course.

Orly Avineri – another of the Call of the Wild Soul retreat tutors, US based Orly had taught a number of workshops in the uk and Eire. Her workshops dig deep and allow space for thought and her books are inspirational.

Mati Rose – I haven’t done any of Mati’s workshops and e-courses but I loved her book. check it out!

Seth Apter – Seth is a brilliant teacher and should you get an opportunity to go to one of his workshops grab it with both hands. In the UK Art From the Heart  often host his workshops.

Tamara Laporte – AKA Willowing Arts is a UK based artist who began the year long class Life Book. She also teaches on retreats. Lots of good stuff to explore on her site.

Alena Hennessy –  Author of ‘Cultivating Your Creative Life’ Alena has also teamed up with Photographer Susan Tuttle (see photography section)  to create an e-course that takes in both painting and photography.

Teesha Moore – Teesha, also a tutor at Call of the Wild Soul Teesha makes what you could describe as altered collages which are very funky and different. She is a brilliant teacher and was the person behind the 12 years of Artfest retreats in the US. she currently shares her expertise via the Astronauts Club

Erin Faith Allen – Now based in the US founder of the Call of the Wild Soul retreats Erin is also a film maker and it is well worth checking out  her Artmaker Soulshaker series featuring different artists. She has just launched  her first year long e-course Metamorph.




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