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A little Inspiration

  I really love adding inspirational quotes to my pictures and have in the past had postcards printed, I haven't really shared them on line though. This is about to change and I have set up a new page on the website where you can download the pics. There are many...

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More Garden Tales

We decided we needed to enlist the help of a garden designer, something we had never considered before. It seemed much easier to plan a large garden than a small one. In a large garden there is room for experimentation, for mistakes and there is always something...

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Garden Tales

For me the big compromise of our retirement move was the size of the garden. We really didn't downsize the house that much, although the configuration was very different and more suited to our new lifestyle. The garden, however, was a different story, downsizing as we...

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The Joy of Trying Something New

  First off I want to apologise for the lack of comments box on my last two posts. I didn't notice it right away but now I have, the nice people at Elegant Themes are fixing it for me. I had a really great day on Sunday learning to make paper books at Red...

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It's only April yet the diary seems full until September. How did that happen? Looking back to the three years when Brian was working full time and I was doing three days a week with two precious days at home on my own, I seem to have had so much more time to do...

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Celebrating positive ageing. Having fun engaging with my creativity, seeking new adventures and following my dreams.


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Living life in colour

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