About ChequerCreative

About Chequer Creative

Getting older, maybe retiring, has the possibility of being the last great adventure. As a friend of mine puts it, it’s like being a student but with money. Even if you don’t have too much money you may have time. Time you can use to pursue your dreams.

I created Chequer Creative to document my last great adventure, celebrate my creativity, and hopefully provide a positive role model of an older women. I want to celebrate the positive side of getting older, focus on the opportunities it brings and, in my dreams at least, create a community of women who are embracing a creative third age.

Older women have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the world. We can help combat ageism, we can model many different types of happy and fulfilling lives in retirement and we can live a creative life in ways that may not have been possible when we were working or raising children.

I hope that you will come on this journey with me and share your insights along the way.

Love Barb x

PS if you’re wonder why ‘ChequerCreative’ its because our home is one of Salisbury’s medieval chequers

About Barb

About Barb

Hi I’m Barb. I retired a year ago following a 35 year career in the public sector. I have been married to Brian for 44 years and we have one son. Like many people there was about 20 years of my life where I was focussing mainly on two things, my work / career and bringing up my child. These two things pretty much took up all my energy for a long time.  In 2010 my son headed off to university and I suddenly had time, but what to do? More on what I did over on the ‘My Story’ page.

We had always planned to downsize (the garden at least) on retirement so around a year before we were due to retire we started looking around. We had already settled on Salisbury, a medieval cathedral city just into the south west of England. Of course we found the perfect house straight away and ended up moving rather sooner than intended, leaving us with a long commute for the last few months.

We have now been here 2 years and we both love it. The decision to move from the country into the town has been a huge success, we can not only walk to the shops, theatre and cinema but can also be in the relatively open spaces by the river in a matter of minutes. Then there is the Cathedral and Close and any number of beautiful buildings to see. I do miss our large garden a bit but am loving our newly designed tiny courtyard space.

St Anne's St

About Me

Celebrating positive ageing. Having fun engaging with my creativity, seeking new adventures and following my dreams.


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