This was August!

Since retiring I have found August rather a strange month – everything stops! My usual routine and commitments are out the window and I’m not sure which day of the week it is! So it’s time for a holiday – except it isn’t. There is absolutely no point in going on holiday in August other than to accommodate school age children, or grandchildren if you have them. Everywhere is more expensive, more crowded and generally less pleasant. Day trips are a problem too if the weather is at all good, plus both the roads and the railways seem to use August for vast repair programmes making it difficult to get anywhere with ease. We ended up spending about half the month in our tiny bolthole on the Isle of Wight which was both enjoyable and disappointing as the weather was generally cold and more like spring or autumn, though fortunately not as wet as some other parts of the country. I love going to the beach in August and enjoy the buzz of families building sandcastles and playing games. Unfortunately the weather was only warm enough for us to go in the sea on two days (as we no longer have a small child we are past having to cower behind the windbreak in multiple fleeces!), and I felt the blazing hot days in June didn’t quite make up for this.

Whilst on the Island I took my camera around a bit and this is the result.


Dinghy at Yarmouth
 Yarmouth Mill

We always enjoy the walk round Yarmouth and the Marshes

Shalfleet Quay
River Junk
River Rust

I can never resist photographing a load of marine junk as here at Shalfleet Quay

Totland Bay
Totland Bay Beach Hut Grunge

The light was amazing as we walked round Totland Bay.

Although our time on the Island was enjoyable despite the weather, the most exciting thing we did was to visit the newly refurbished and reopened Farringford, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s family home, but as I think this post is already long enough I shall save it for next time. In the meantime I’d love to know how your august went!

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