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Trying something different that I may turn into an occasional series depending on feedback. Cast includes ‘B’ my husband of 44 years and ‘P’ my 25 year old son who lives and works in London. Second part of ‘Blogtacular’ will be in your in-box next week!

Monday 19th June

On the Isle of Wight. Up early to take P to the ferry as he needs to be at work by 1pm. He tried to get back to London last night but trains were overcrowded, delayed, and the air conditioning wasn’t working. He therefore returned to the Island and had the consolation of a sunset swim.

Spent the day on the beach swimming and eating ice-cream – still can’t believe how warm the sea is. Haven’t swum in June since I was a child. Pack up and catch the 6pm ferry home. House boiling as had been shut up for several days. Almost impossible to cool down.

Tuesday 20th June Heat wave continues. Open all non-road facing windows and skylights in an attempt to keep the house cool. Really need to tackle the housework but way too hot. During the afternoon I head over to the museum to see the ancient landscapes exhibition ahead of a linked lecture on Thursday, there is also an exhibition about Stonehenge. Both are fascinating. Am amused by the 1931 shell poster of the Cerne Giant with his bits covered up by a black cloud! Decide to walk round the close on the way home. Disappointed to discover that the beautiful roses on the Walton Canonary are already over not to return till next year.

Wednesday 21st June

Harry Potter day an exercise in logistics! Two performances in one day. Necessary to arrive at the theatre an hour before curtain up and somehow fit in lunch and dinner. Situation complicated by trains overheating and track melting in the heatwave also the possibility of morning trains being overcrowded due to druids returning from the solstice celebrations at Stonehenge. Solution: drive to Basingstoke and take the train from there which would also give us a greater choice of trains back.
Arrived at theatre in good time to collect tickets, met P for lunch at Pulpo very tasty. Then joined the queue to get into the theatre past security.

Theatre not as hot as expected. In back stalls which provided decent leg room for B who has arthritis. Although there was no air conditioning there was an air cooling system which meant the temperature was bearable even on the hottest day of the year. Break for dinner. Successful find of a Vietnamese restaurant just off Shaftesbury avenue, delicious and good value. Back to theatre for part two. Check trains in interval dismayed to find that all trains out of Waterloo are showing delayed. Resolve to put it to one side and enjoy the rest of the play. Fortunately things had improved by the time we arrived at Waterloo and we we able to get a train back to Basingstoke finally arriving home at about 1am.

The verdict? To be honest a bit underwhelmed. Plot was a bit thin and although the special effects were excellent some of the adult actors were a bit wooden and the show was stolen by ‘Moaning Myrtle’!

Thursday 22nd June

Mainly spent in recovering from Harry Potter day! Attended an evening lecture at the museum by James Russell on Eric Ravilious a link with the ancient landscapes exhibition which features two of his stunning water colours. Fascinating! Rush home and order a couple of books from Amazon and begin reading Long Live Great Bardfield the autobiography of Eric’s wife Tirzah Garfield by which P gave me for my birthday.

Friday 23rd

Heatwave over so now possible to do housework ie no further excuse for putting it off! Get going on it while B heads off to the supermarket as we seem to be short on quite a lot of basics. go next door wiht a bunch of flowers to introduce myself to our new neighbours who are still experiencing the worst horrors of moving house – thinngs can only get better! In addition to housework spend time reading and writing my blog.

Saturday 24th June

Weather cloudy & muggy. Went to the market. Organic veg stall selling beautiful bunches of garden flowers for a fiver, discover you have to pre-order, so take a card and consider doing it for next week

Back home weather not improving try to sit in the garden after lunch but drizzle drives me back in. Continue taking photos of inspirational art for upcoming print making course. Do ironing whilst watching an FEA bundle on podcasting. Can’t decide if it’s for me or not, guess I will have to give it a try.

Sunday 24th June

Weather very unsettled today seems to drizzle every time I think about sitting in the garden. Then the minute I go in and start doing something out comes the sun only to disappear again on my return.

Basically I spent the whole day cleaning and tidying my studio. Not a job I enjoy but one that really, really needed doing! I managed to relocate quite a lot of the stuff that was lying around into drawers, produced two large bags of rubbish and, best of all, found a folder full of stencils which have been missing for over a year. I thought I had left at an art retreat somewhere! That alone made all the effort worthwhile.

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