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Sometime towards the end of last year I decided that if I was going to take blogging seriously perhaps I should research it a bit more. With this in mind I discovered the Blogtacular website signed up for the Facebook group and booked my conference ticket as soon as the early bird rate was announced. Then it was just a question of waiting for June to come around.

The conference  is a two day bonanza with a photowalk and evening party on day one and the actual conference on day two. I was assigned to the west photowalk and set off with a group of colourful ladies to explore the area between Victoria and the King’s Road.

This was a great way to combine doing one of my favourite things whilst getting to know people at the same time. As I had expected everyone was very friendly, and there were some great shoes.

We were all busy taking photos of one another. That’s me in the purple fleece taken by Amber-Rose Photography who were commissioned by Blogtacular to record the event. If you want to see more of the general photos I took, head on over to my photography blog at FunkyRosebudstudio.

It can be hard going to things on your own when you don’t know anyone, but it’s usually the case  that there are many people in the same position who are keen to get chatting and make friends. One thing I did that really worked out well for me and which was rather outside my comfort zone was to post a selfie of myself on the train in the Blogtacular 2017 Facebook group saying I was on my way. This turned out to be a good idea because as I approached the meeting place wondering if I had found the right spot, someone came up to me and asked if I was Barb? (the pink hair can be very useful!) So I immediately felt welcomed into the group.

Unfortunately due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances I didn’t make the evening party – not least because I got lost between Liverpool St and my hotel having been thrown out of a different tube entrance and ended up walking for an extra half hour on top of the photo walk arriving there rather late.

I was going to make this post cover both the conference and the photo walk but on reflection this is long enough so I will be writing a follow up post about the conference – just watch this space.

The three large group photos on this post were taken by Amber-Rose Photography for Blogtacular the seven smaller photos are mine.

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