The Joy of Trying Something New


First off I want to apologise for the lack of comments box on my last two posts. I didn’t notice it right away but now I have, the nice people at Elegant Themes are fixing it for me.

I had a really great day on Sunday learning to make paper books at Red Hot Press. This is not something I’m a natural at as it requires a lot of precision work which is not really my thing, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. Basically making the books involves cutting, folding and maybe sticking. With some designs this is fairly simple with others a lot more complicated. I found this a bit of a challenge because of my lack of visio-spacial ability- I’m rubbish at jigsaws too!

These are some of the maquettes that we made.



In the afternoon we each chose one design to focus on and to make a larger version which we then decorated with background colours before folding. The one I choose involved folding squares of paper and gluing them together – the only book we made that was not formed of a single piece of paper.



When I got home I continued adding detail so that it now looks like this – not a work of fine art but something that represents a lot of fun. Taking inspiration from Beth Kempton’s Freedom Seeker book and the Mary Oliver quote on my homepage.



Finally we made covers for our books covering card with handmade (though not by us) paper.



I really enjoyed my day. It was great to create alongside other people and stimulating to learn something new.

What new things will you learn this week?


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