December Round-up

I didn’t really get out much in December. At least not until the end, due to the ongoing virus I caught  in November. As you can imagine I was pretty fed up with staying in, so every now and again I decided I was a bit better and ventured out, only to return to coughing the next day.

The first of these trips was to the Larmer Tree Christmas Fair so that I could hopefully get some present shopping done and have a quick look at the gardens. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the drive through the Dorset countryside. It just felt great to be out having been cooped up for a couple of weeks. The Gardens were created in the 19C and are full of Raj inspired follies.

My next outing was to London to see ‘All the Angels’ at the Sam Wanamaker Theatre. This is a replica Jacobean playhouse that is part of the Globe complex. It is lit only by candles. If I didn’t actually have a temperature there was no way I was going to miss this!

Apart from going to the carol service at the cathedral, that was about it until after Christmas when  we headed off to Brighton to spend a few days with my mother-in-law. The weather was about as good as it could be for an English December and there were some fabulous sunsets. I had a play with some of the apps on my iPhone too.

Finally we headed over to Beachy Head where we watched the hang gliders swooping over the edge of the cliff with Eastbourne Pier in the distance.

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