Merry Christmas

I was planning to write another post on Christmas decorations focussing on how strange it seemed decorating our new house when nearly all our decorations had beeen bought for our old house, usually with a particular location in mind. I have however, run out of time! Mainly due to the fact that I still don’t feel 100%,  the computer is playing up and I have just cooked a beef casserole for 16 as my contribution to our Christmas festivities (it’s for Christmas Eve). So instead I’m just going to share a few photos and wish you a very merry Christmas, or other holiday you celebrate at this time of year.

I mentioned last time that we had two Christmas Trees This is the second one, it’s down in our entrance hall and can be seen from the street, so we are hoping it gives passers by pleasure. I made the decorations when I was taking a pottery course last year.

This is an example of finding new spots for old friends. I think I rather like them here.

Pleased with these too.

Have a great break and see you in the New Year

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