Oh Christmas Tree ….

Last week a friend of mine Cathy Huberman did a little research quiz on Facebook, it was about Christmas trees. The questions asked were as follows 1. Is your tree up? 2. Is it real or artificial? 3. Are the presents wrapped and under the tree? 4. Are your lights white or multi- coloured? 5. Angel or star on top of the tree? There was also an ‘other’ option for each question. All a bit of fun.
A question that interested me, however, was one that wasn’t on the list, ‘is your tree newly designed each year, perhaps to fit in with a particular theme, or do you get out all the cherished ornaments of years past, hanging each one with a feeling of nostalgia.

Our tree definitely fits the latter category, we still have a couple of ornaments from our first Christmas together over 40 years ago when we went to Harrods and bought some very special decorations. It was really hard to get anything other than very fragile glass balls then and Woolworths was probably the main source of decorations There weren’t garden centres with Santa’s Grottos, in fact I don’t think there were garden centres at all, or D.I.Y. shops selling Christmas decorations for that matter.



I try and buy one or two new tree decorations each year, usually from the maker. I can mostly remember where I got things and like to think about that as I put each ornament on the tree. We have also brought things back from holidays in India, Hungary and Norway among others. Then there are of course a couple of items made by my son when little, though he was never a prolific decoration maker.

So I love my tree and wouldn’t swap it for anything more glitzy or glamorous for the world. That said we do now have a second tree – more about that in a later post.

In the meantime I’d love to know if you have a tree full of treasures collected over the years or a glitzy glamorous tree that assumes a new guise every year?

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