In the Zone

by | Sep 4, 2016

Taking photographs is a strange thing, if I am somewhere familiar I often don’t see anything I want to capture. I find this particularly to be the case when I don’t take the camera out of its bag. Unless anything remarkable happens, in the bag is where it stays. It is as if holding the camera in my hand acts as a catalyst for seeing the world from a different perspective.

Of course there are other considerations when it comes to photography on the move, especially in terms of who your companions are. Are they happy to hang about while you get just the right shot? Or do they get just a bit fed up with you running to catch up and apologising yet again for holding them up while you lie on the ground to get that perfect angle? (Something I rarely do now due to difficulty in getting up again if there isn’t anything handy to haul on to pull myself up!)

On a group holiday in Cuba last year there was only one other keen photographer in the party and we were always at the back running to keep up with the group leader’s cracking pace. (She had the advantage of being somewhat younger and a seasoned runner so it was usually me puffing and panting to bring up the rear).

I find when I really get in the zone I can take picture after picture and notice more and more of interest to capture, almost as if  once I let the cat (or camera) out of the bag I really can’t put it back in again easily!

This happened on a recent trip to visit friends in South Devon. Fortunately they were happy just to stroll about in the sunshine so I was able to get well into the zone without feeling guilty.

What happens when you get in the zone? I’d love to hear!

Watch this space for more on the house moving journey ………

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