Some days living life in colour is easier than others! This morning for example felt more like March than June. Cold wet and miserable! Still there was yoga, sometimes it’s a struggle to get there but I’m always glad I do and always feel better afterwards.
At the moment Mondays are especially busy as I am doing a Mono Print and Lino cut course at Red Hot Press our local print workshop. This involves leaping up straight after relaxation in Yoga, grabbing my stuff and trying to eat a sandwich as I drive the 20 odd miles to Southampton. In case you’re worried about safety, eating happens only when the lights are red!
On arrival at Red Hot Press I really hope I’ll find an easy parking space – parking in challenging situations not really being my thing and with a bit of luck I’ve made it within the hour and without exceeding the speed limit. The last couple of weeks we have been making mono prints, this week we are going to start cutting our lino to overlay them.

I’m still very much a beginner at this so I try to cut a simple stylised patten of plants and seed-heads which turns out reasonably well or at least isn’t a complete disaster. Next week I will try to do something with the sky – don’t quite know what though so watch this space

Finally a week later this is the finished product – i’m not wild about it, but it’s giving me ideas for the future

‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes,
Art is knowing which ones to keep’
Scott Adams

First stage of the process a mono print
stage 2 adding the linocut
stage three the final piece

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